D. Lee Hatchett

Welcome to dleehatchett.com, the official website of urban speculative fiction author, D. Lee Hatchett.

Speculative fiction is a type of fiction that asks the classic, "what if?" question and attempts to answer it.  Urban speculative fiction finds its roots in African storytelling, its rhythm in hip hop, and definitively answers the “What if?” question with style, sensibility and substance found only in the urban community.  It is an inclusive term covering a group of fiction genres that speculate about worlds that are unlike the “real” world.  It includes science fiction, fantasy, thriller, supernatural fiction, superhero fiction, alternate history and magic realism. 

We invite and encourage you to experience this unique and exciting form of literature in D. Lee Hatchett’s first published work, The Black Angel Trilogy!

“I just knew there were stories I wanted to tell.” - Octavia Butler
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